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Ba Xr6 Turbo Breaks Down Under Boost

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Hey people,

I have a BA mk2 xr6 turbo manual and am having issues with it breaking down under boost in first gear (running 15psi). It seems to only happen most when it breaks traction.... and no it's not because traction control is on.

I have put a new set of plugs in it gapped to .028 and put a new set of coils in it as well!!

Any one have any ideas???

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Gap is fine. You say you've done new plugs and coils. Traction is off....

Could a faulty abs sensor do it guys?

Has it recently has it's tune changed?

Is it overboosting?

Checked fuel pressure?

Has anything changed?

Tourqe control??

Got an xcal to datalog?

Sorry for all the questions.... Just trying ringer a better idea of the situation

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Torque control???

I am running a Bosch 044 pump so fuel shouldn't b an issue it's almost like it is running out of spark!!!

I do have an xcal datalogger.... Just haven't had the time to play with it!!! Any suggestions??

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Just because you have a big pump doesn't mean fuel is getting to the rail....

Torque control is in the tune. If your tuner didn't set it up correctly or your making more power since it was last tuned them this can be an issue.

Try datalogging "commanded throttle" and "actual throttle". See what you get. This probably isn't the issue though.

How much fuel in your fuel tank?

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I have xr6turbo third gear when put the foot down get vibration thru the car almost seems surge also at full noise. I have a worn tail shaft bearing could this be an issue. I took it in to shop for diagnosis they said found compression to be by passing spark due to incorrect tension replaced still the same. I did not tell them about the tail shaft as didn't think was an issue? Any ideas cheers

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