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  1. Sct flash tuner x3

    1s and 0s? Whats that mean?
  2. Sct flash tuner x3

    Hey guys Just need some advice, I have a b series xr6 turbo with hi flow cat, removed rear muffler, aps intake box, ive been offered a sct flash tuner with a 10 psi tune, can this be fitted and installed to my car, with out a tune till tax time? Quick easy budget power was wondering of does the car have to be dead stock for the sct to work.. any help would be great cheers
  3. B series xr6 turbo

    Hey guys Has anyone got a dump pipe and hi flow cat section for xr6 turbo... Need asap can bolt straight up? Cheers
  4. No heater

    Yeah all normal
  5. No heater

    Hey aaron, thanks for reply Mate im not 100% how to check it ive felt the 2 hoses at the back of the engine auto elect said they were fine then again maybe he checked for leaks I think its got to do with that because my mixer sounds like its working fine its only wen the car sides an idles for a long time half hour + it will go hot. Its got me stumped and it cant seem to go from cold to hot fast but it can vice versa
  6. No heater

    Hey guys Hoping somone has the answer for this because I cant figure it out. My ba xr6t doesnt produce heat when I turn it on normally, I thought it was the rod thing that needed to be fixed but today sitting in the car idling for like 45 mins its producing heat again.. I moved the heater nob from hot to cold and could hear it working.. I have no idea what the problem could be if its somthing simple id like the help coz 5am morning in winter isnt to friendly lol
  7. Yeah found a bloke up here on the coast mobile thread repairer hes guna do it for me.
  8. Cheers for the reply I also thought they were aligned from factory if I was to change them id have to use a plastagauge to measure the 300s of a mm to get it competly even.
  9. I wish it was that easy mate the shop was in sydney, im on the central coast I run a buisness and a dad, I dont have time for this sh*t.
  10. Yes the did to replace the gasket... about 2 months ago.
  11. I cant put it down to anything else there was metal coming out with the bolts when I removed them( no I didnt strip them) I removed them only with a 3/8 10mm socket. And I would use my torque wrench to retention to specs. What do you suggest is happening?
  12. Yep seems the rattle gunnned the hell out of them
  13. Stripped rocker cover bolt holes in engine mate ill never go back to the shop again, there a I <3 Bananasin joke and ive taken it further but I want to know how to repair it myself
  14. Cam caps wouldnt that mean I have to take of chain and pull cam shafts out or can they just be unbolted cheers mate.
  15. Evening fellas, So recently I had a shop (undisclosed) repair some stuff on my car but ive noticed apon changing the rocker cover gasket the 6 main bolts that hold the rocker cover are just spinning, last night I tried to tap a thread M7x0.75, (rocker cover leaking oil) because of this Went to a bolts and bearing shop found a M7x1.00 tapped that because it was the only thing that would work. I got new bold ect my last resort is going to be to use a heli-coil has anyone used this method before also, how far can u stretch the factory bolt holes, ive gone to 1.00 now I dont want to push it anymore then that cheers.

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