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Circuit Racing

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Wondered where you got to!

Running Hoosiers for the moment!

- The control Tyre on the Bianti Touring Cars!

- Tyres are ok, but not withour Suspension, Springs and Camber adjustments, etc, etc.

- Been working on it for a long time now!

Looking at Michelin full Slicks in the New Year.

You should come over and say G'day next time!

- We're a harmless bunch!

I hope you get a break with the Clutch and Fly Wheel....

Haha, I had every intention of saying gday... But after my issues I really wasn't in any mood to chin wag. :sleepystuff:

How have you gone about getting decent camber under your car?

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Dave, from 'East Coast Suspensions' at Kirrawee, did the lot, including the Brakes!

- Including a Camber Kit!

Great bloke, years of Track experience and fair pricing!

Believe me, I know how you would have felt.....

Have you had a chance to look at the issues?

Are you planning on working up the Car for Track Days or sticking with the Rex?

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Cheers, might have to go have a chat to Dave.

Haven't had a chance yet to pull it apart. It's up on stands ready for me to start on it in the morning, or tonight if I can get motivated.

Yes, focusing on the Falcon now for track fun. The rex has been returned to standard and is for sale. Which is a shame as I never got to track the rex when I'd finished doing everything to it... It only ever got tracked 'half done'. Long story, and terribly frustrating.

So, just gotta finish off the FK452s I have on the Falcon now, and get a set of R-comps. Get some camber under the car, and it'll be ready to lean on, hard.

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Do that!

- You will be pleasantly surprised!

My Fly Wheel Bolts stretched themselves once and I think the Boys at 'C & V' sourced me some better quality Bolts to solve the problem.

- From memory!

Anything I can do to help, just ask!

That's what this Forums about mate!

No big Dicks here....

Just having fun!

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Good times Nigel, did you get any video footage?

I feel for Wakey, a good torque 320-350wkw tune would be nice... nice and strong down low so you can hold it in 3rd up the back of the track, with just enough punch to poke the back out going up the hill ;)

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Your right about the power figure you mention Chris!

273RWK was way to 'doey' out of the Corners on the Day!

- Waiting for the power out of the Corners cost me Seconds all Day!

- Not that you want it to blow the Tyres away!

* These Cars, seriously set up, with the right power down,can do 5's plus at Wakefield!

- Not to mention 'big' Brakes!

A few tips from a good Instructer, to point out a few of the 'nuances' of the Track pay huge dividends as well.

I got my power back first thing Monday and will be going down again sooner than later!

When you going to come down with us mate?

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I forgot to mention I didn't bother with my Camera!

With the power figure I went there with, I actually thought I would be bored shi.less!

- But like all Track Days, you never cease to learn new and exciting stuff!

To tell you the truth, I'm more interested in just driving the thing Chris!

We have a good bunch of Blokes and we always have a blast!

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Yeah its more about getting the car up to speed and being able to stay on speed, which is why so many smaller, less powered cars fly around Wakey, handling/stabillity is more important.

You should do a half day at Marulan mate, flash in a 300 tune and see how it handles... they say once you figure out fast laps at Marulan you'll knock a few seconds off your next Wakey times.

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I did Marulan Chris, but it really is just a Training Track!

- No offence intended!

I had already done other Track Days before I went there.

None the less, I have done Eastern Creek almost every Month, Wakefield half a dozen times and Oran Park South 3-4 times!

- Not to mention Bathurst!

- It's 'all' good practice!

* It's all been about sorting the Car out for the Track and we are so close now...

- And like Saturday, I still haven't had one Track Day without issues!

- The Car now has a more linear tune with a little less Power

Got a new set of Street Rims to!

- I am about to put the biggest Rotors under them I can lay my Hands on!

This means I can just change my Street Rims and Tyres for my Race Rims and Tyres and have the bigger Brakes.

Then it's just up to the old bloke learning how to become a better Pilot!!

Sorry if I go on, but I must admit I can't get enough of it!

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Merry Christmas Ladies and Gentlemen!

Couldn't finish the Year withou this quotable Quote from the Track!

After his first session at 'Drive/Sprint Bathust, I asked a mate how it went!

He looked at me with a somewhat unusual expression amd said/-


Can I say that?

He went on to win best in Class!

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1.10.3 good stuff Rosie, making good progress. Im not surprised that the car went quicker with less power. Agree with Chris that a linear strong (down low) 320-350rwkw is probably ideal. I think 1.05xx though would take huge commitment. I reckon just aim for the 1.08xx for now. I've got my MX-5 Turbo toy ready to go, last owner had it lapping in consistent 1.10s at Wakefield, So hope to get into the 1.09s this year with it.

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Gotta say, Rosie's car was getting around Wakefield pretty well, didn't really have any traction problems at all.

You need to trust those massive brakes more though mate! Flat through the kink and then on the anchors! Easier said than done though I guess!



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Just learning the new Fronts Pat!

Was good to see you out and about!

- Remember the Long Duds next time Pat!

Had a great Day!

Rear Turbo Housing was covered in through Cracks,one Bolt was holding it to the Manifold, the Manifold Bolts were all ready to fall off and the Actuator was stuffed!

Not to mention the Turbo side Engine Mount that collapsed and started a Fire under the Heat Shield, burning thru the Insulation on the main Power Cable to the Starter Motor!

- I highly recommend the purchase of an onboard Fire Extinguisher to anyone going to the Track!

All fixed now, but then discovered the Rear Sway Bar Bushes were buggered and the Diff Mount on the way out again.

Replaced the Garrett supplied 'Ford' Rear Housing with a unit direct from Garrett!

- A far more substantial product when compared to the 'original'!

- Stressful stuff this Track stuff!

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Hey Nigel,

Are you still running standard gearing in the rear?

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Sure am Spiro!

Went back to the 3:4's from my previous Shorter Diff Gears!

Better all round for the Track.

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