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  1. Happy Birthday sixturbo!

  2. Happy Birthday sixturbo!

  3. Happy Birthday sixturbo!

  4. Happy Birthday Xr50!

  5. Happy Birthday NitroTurbo!

  6. Happy Birthday sixturbo!

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  8. Happy Birthday sixturbo!

  9. $1100? what a joke! mate if ya gunna debadge it you should just go buy an xt bootlid. It will be way cheaper and easier that way.
  10. Mate. I had the same probs. Have a look and see if your bolts on your turbo are done up tight to the exhaust manifold. I checked mine and found that 2 were loose and 1 was missing!!!. So I tightened them up and was all good. No power cuts and no more silly noises. I changed the plugs at the same time.
  11. Im 21 and got full comp insurance from just car insurance for $2100.