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Theft detected code, possible starer motor problem - crank no start

El Andrew

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Thought I'd check back in on this one - was a bit of a strange one.

Injectors wouldn't scale at all - still heaps rich. This was on 1000s, F6 injectors and the stock ones and trying the factory reg again! Managed to confirm manufacturer data was incorrect and got some fresh stuff via the retailer and Raceworks. Ran better, but started missing. sh*tloads of fuel had fouled the plugs.

Swapped in an old set of plugs that weren't too bad and miss went away, but still heaps rich and no response to scaling.

I went to drop it down off the ramps to take it for a drive to learn a bit more and noticed the sump was leaking. No idea how and had been idle for a couple of months in lockdown so might have been a couple of months back that something happened.

Scored an NA sump, had the turbo return tapped and then drained the oil to bog up the crack so that it held enough to get it to Ford.

After the oil change it was much better, but not perfect.

Anyway, went to Ford and had the replacement sump fitted which included running up to temp a few times over a couple of days to check for leaks. When I got it back, fuel trims and wideband were perfect!

My theory is that the original RW injector data was so bad it absolutely flooded everything in fuel. So trimming injectors and switching back to my known good injector/tune combos did nothing, as there was uncontrolled fuel from the oil and maybe the manifold was half full too.

So the oil change half fixed it (oil felt pretty thin and smelt like fuel). Then idling for ages at Ford burned off the rest of the excess. Been running on factory injectors and tune to confirm everything is ok and has been great, so I'll have another go on the 1000s sometime, using the updated manufacturer data as the base. Theoretically will be fine, but feel a bit nervous! Anyway, got to build a pergola and a deck before so get around to that so will be good to be rewarded with a fast car again after all that.

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