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Tuning Haltech

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Hi folks, 


I decided to spend a bit of money fixing my old girl up so I bought a Haltech Elite plug and play PCM and a mantic 9000 clutch for the BA...


Got the new ECU in and it's fine but needs fine tuning..   I run liquid injected gas but first I have to get the petrol setup right.  I have a question for any tuners out there.

I have 42lb 440cc green top injectors... Ford Part # M-9593-F302 Bosch Part # XL3V-A9A and 280150558.

The XR6T has a 4bar fuel regulator the injectors, 440cc must be at 3bar as they are rated at 466cc at 3.5 bar or I calculate 498cc at 4bar... I'm assuming this is what I should have entered under flow in the haltech injector settings? (498cc I mean).

The listed injector specs I have are:
Flow rate: 466cm³/min @ 3.5 bar
Minimum injection time: 0.468ms

ip_ti_add_dly__vb @ 3.5 bar
V ms
0.0      5.216
6.0      5.216
8.0      2.208
10.0    1.376
12.0    0.960
14.0    0.704
16.0    0.480
25.0    0.480


dead times?

Do I need to translate these settings to 4bar too? Is there a tool to do this or do I just use the 3 and 3.5 bar settings I have and graph it to 4 bar?
(Most of my past tuning has been with carbies so some of this is new to me.)

any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



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