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  1. The insurance wouldn’t pay because there wasn’t any, he’s never had insurance. what insurance only offers a business fire insurance only🤷🏼‍♂️ it’s just another of his lies. I wonder if this alleged theft was after some ethnic customers that were ripped off finally caught up with him on a day he could be bothered to turn up to the shop, took a heap of parts as pay back.
  2. Yes I know I’ve dragged up an old thread, the dynowog strikes again one was locked, and people should know what a shonk he truely is. plus he had deliberately blown up customers engines on the dyno just so he could screw them for even more. one engine I witnessed him dodging up was for a young guy in Adelaide, an RB30/25 hybrid, he sandblasted the pistons and was going to refit the old rings. And was calling it a performance build.
  3. I call bullsh*t. Nick is known for selling customers parts or keeping them as punishment for telling him to hurry up an do the work he’s been paid for in full up front. . all too often he’s been “broken into” . And it’s always over $ 100k worth of whatever.. he reckoned he has $300k in tunes on his laptop 🙄 he also claimed he lost $4m to start with then grew to $8m by the end, in property in the black Saturday fires.. which was Wayne Drapers story, but he reckoned that he’d not get called out on it because Wayne had passed away. the amount of cars he’s taken and then demanded thousands on top of what he’s been paid, then kept the car and left it to rot in a paddock or sold illegally. one customer he crashed their car into another for insurance fraud, leaving the owner with out a car and no money out of the claim. Then sold them a car that he never delivered then only gave half the money .
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