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  1. Anyone know the difference between N/A and turbo t56 tail shafts. I know the turbos are shorter but if anyone has an exact measurement that would be sweet
  2. Yea, I was thinking of going Setrab Oil Cooler Kit from precision racing and upgrading the rad and thermo Fans. Currently have m86 3.7s in my car so I recon with a turbo I will probs have the power and diff gears to keep it sliding without having to sit on limiter.
  3. Hey guys first time poster here, Been doing research on building a turbo Barra for my drift car. Just looking to become a bit more competitive and have a bit more power to play around with. Ideally aiming for 300-450hp. I dont want to go crazy on price so im just looking to buy a BF motor and do Valve Springs, Head studs and billet pump gears. I can pick up a BF motor for $400 and there are some BF gas motors up for $800-$1000 is it really worth getting the higher compression ratio for the power I ideally want to make?
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