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  1. Yea I blocked off one end of the intercooler piping and hooked up a bike pump to the other end and pressurized it to about 20psi and there was no leaks anywhere, and have gone over every nut and bolt on the dump/turbo/manifold and they are all tight/ not leaking. I'm thinking taking the cat off and having a look is probably the next step
  2. Yea already checked all piping post turbo and its fine
  3. Hey, looking for some help with my 2008 fg xr6t. Was driving home a few months and all of a sudden car sounds like its had a hole in the exhaust coming from around the turbo. Pulled the turbo off it and discovered some of the bolts clamping the exhaust turbine to the core were loose and 1 bolt had completely fallen out which was what the hole in the exhaust was. Replaced the bolt and put the turbo back and it sounds normal, but now it is really down on power and only boosting to about 3psi (car has been tuned to 14psi). Went over everything, checked there was no leak in the intercooler piping, checked the wastegate wasn't stuck open and functioning as normal, checked the boost solenoid was working properly and boost lines weren't blocked. Turbo still spins freely and there is almost no play in the shaft and not touching the housing. Went and pulled the turbo off again and discovered that now the inside of the exhaust side is white! I'm wondering if maybe the cat converter could be blocked and that is stopping the turbo from breathing but it just seems odd that the problem started as soon as I had put the turbo back on. Anyone had anything similar happen? Any help would be appreciated.
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