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  1. Hey mate, it sounded like it was from the front of the engine, so I thought itll be a guide or oil pump gears broken… removed the front cover today only to find the noise doesnt resonate from the front anymore. I got underneath the car and while someone was making the sound happen, I put my ear on the sump and worked my way back… the sound was really loud from the bellhousing, so I removed the starter motor only to find a broken flex plate 😂 im so happy I found it but shattered I have to remove the box now.. ill keep this thread here hopefully it helps someone else… no other flex plate video on the internet sounded like this
  2. Hey guys, after driving today and parking up my engine was fine, when I got back in it and started it, it is making a really fast and loud knocking sound. Any help is appreciated here is a link to the video
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