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  1. @k31th that gt3576 is a new turbine style with 63mm 6 blade turbine wheel would that matter as my old one is the old style turbine wheel with a 53mm wheel 7 blade?
  2. "Billet Compressor Wheel 6+6. The size is still same as factory 6+6. 32MM Wastegate Port (Factory Port 26MM), help to stop over boost. Adjustable Actuator Arm". that is what the company sent me when I asked for the sizing of the turbo they also said this "6+6 is no problem, and its better than 7 blades"?
  3. ok sweet so I should be looking for an fg turbo that is a 53mm impeller doesn't matter that its a 6 blade?
  4. @k31th hey mate im looking for an fg turbo to buy I have found some that I can afford but they are 6 blade not 7 dose the 7 blade matter heaps?
  5. Yeah I normally do but been a bit hard lately as iv just moved house but I was planning on taking the engine out after the next 12 months anyway to build it to make about 400-500rwkw. But I don’t regret spending money on it as it’s the funniest car I've drove.
  6. Yeah I think I will go with the cheaper option as I have already brought 2 turbos that are both wrong trying to sell em and get my money back but I have a GTX3584RS with a 12 psi thing on it that I was gonna use to try and make 300+ rwkw but half way though of buying all the supporting mods for it I realised this is way too much money ahahah so I went to go buy what I thought was the stock turbo which it is but the last owner had the fg one on it so it was a huge I <3 Bananas around but oh well sh*t happens. I reckon I mite have to get a sticker saying MONEY PIT as it’s robbing me for all my money ahaha
  7. Yeah alright well when my car was on the road with the fg turbo I use to be able to flog it and it would give in it loves it and gos real well with the fg turbo on it. But I’ll figure out what I can spend and go with my options from there I guess
  8. Yeah thank your heaps I’ll probably get an fg turbo I will ask around though frist. And ill try and get in contact with the last owner and see if he did anything with tuneing and stuff like that bc it dose have a aftermarket fuel pump already so surely it would have had to been I <3 Bananased with in the past?
  9. Thank you very much I appreciate the help. What would you do keep the ba turbo on it or get another fg turbo? Cos it would cost me about $1.3k to get a tune at Max performance or sped $850 on an fg turbo?
  10. Oh yup I see I sill have my old turbo the one I took off has 7 blade and I yeah the one I put on has a 6 blade so I reckon the last owner had it tuned to an fg turbo with the fuel pump. Which would explain a lot now
  11. Oh that has just reminded me that the last owner did say something about the turbo being off an fg I don’t know how I forgot that but what turbo is the fg turbo? Any different?
  12. I have a video here it only lets me show 5 secs of it cos the file is to big or something but I thought the brand of turbo didn’t matter so long as it is same specs? Or am I wrong? I’m sill learning sh*t everyday ahah and the one I took off is a gt3582 I’m pretty sure it looks like one and that one was a Garret IMG_5076.MOV t
  13. It’s not Garrett as they cost a arm and a leg but it’s a gt3582r yes
  14. I emailed the Company asking if this is a factory stock replacement with the same size actuator as the stock actuator they replied back and also said it is a stock factory replacement turbo.
  15. Only things I have done to it while I have owned the car is replace STOCK TURBO which means it’s stock so it’s almost like it wouldn’t need one if it’s the STOCK one yeah? And a bigger intercooler and that is it it has a fuel pump and stuff from the previous owner everything was perfectly fine until I replace the STOCK turbo.
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