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  1. yeah there you go, good place if your servicing a high performance car and want quality without caring about price.
  2. yeah well I mean I hear that about him, but it's not like he looks at all the cars. Mine wasn't looked at by him yet it still copped this enormous fee for very little
  3. nah people should know I guess - autotech engineering in clyde
  4. awesome thanks for letting me know it's a good deal, felt he was genuine but you can never know. When I just got the car two months ago I thought I'd be safe and go get the ZF serviced since it's done 105ks. Supplied my own fluids for the ZF, the genuine one, and I ended up paying nearly $700 to get that serviced, headlight globes replaced as they are hard to do (supplied the globes myself) and had them look at the rest of the car but do nothing else to it. That was a very reputable place in Sydney too, I got pissed off at that but not sure if that cost was right.
  5. what do you guys think a fair cost for all this would be?
  6. thanks mate, I just might have to. Did you see my update?
  7. hey guys! so dropped it off earlier today. Guy told me it was the ignition coil for one of the cylinders. Said he'll change all of em plus the spark plugs, and do service on the engine + fuel filter and brake fluids need to be changed. Will get it back tomorrow
  8. yeah okay fair...I'll get it checked on Monday. I think it could be the o2 sensors, I was having really bad fuel economy as well - 17.7l but its dropped down to 15.8 since owning maybe the ZF service helped it not sure.
  9. not trying to argue with someone who's helping but I've seen some vague questions here get answered pretty detailed. I wrote an essay in clear English lol but ok
  10. the description of the cars response though? how about the fact that I noticed when I put my foot on the gas off the line, it feels like I need to press it in more, causing me to go off slower as I'm use to gently applying the gas and the car going. Could this relate?
  11. ok I won't...any idea on what I might be facing though?
  12. no nothing man, just an average joe Ford driver. It's an NA btw
  13. I don't have a scanner man, not sure if I should drive or tow it to a mechanic either
  14. Hi guys, Really freaking out and frankly pissed. New car I bought 2 months ago, barely drove 1000km this whole time and the car has 106000kms on it. A few days I was driving and I gave it a light hit to 70-80 and it felt really odd like it almost didnt wanna push more. Later I did it again and it felt fine. Just then tonight, left my house, warmed up the car a few mins too before I drove off. Lightly drove for a few minutes then I decided to give it a hit when I was driving 50 to get to 80 and it felt weird again. This time, the engine light came on and it was yellow, i
  15. Haha thanks for posting it. Yeah I thought it might be the CD thing but there is none in there and I don't know why that noise would appear randomly if I got music off or if I'm playing music via bluetooth etc.
  16. Hey Keith, see the PM I sent you of the video showing the noise. Hope you can recognise it
  17. Thanks Keith for the response. I'll call a Ford auto electrician tomorrow for 1 and 3, would they also be the ones to help with 2? And what do you think the costs will be looking like? Damn 6L isn't enough? Could've sworn I read somewhere on these forums that's what you need. Oh well I guess I can get the rest from the shop when I get it done. How many more litres are needed?
  18. Hey guys, Love my new 2012 g6e, drives great, about 100kms on it too so it's still young. Now...some issues I have picked up since owning it for the past couple of weeks that are really, really annoying. I hope you guys can help me on these: 1) My ICC unit (mk2) makes these weird noises even with no music on or climate control. Hard to describe the noise, kind of sounds like a shuddering. 2) the other day it was raining and the wipers were really annoying, seemed like everytime the wipers went up it made some weird noise (not on the windscreen, but something more int
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