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  1. Disconnect your battery wait a few minutes & reconnect the battery. Mine did the same thing & it had me stuffed till I Disconnected the battery & your speedo and cluster will work. As for the icc ifs it's not 100% sitting in the plug correctly it will not work. Some times busting the plug out and pushing it into the back of the ice is the only way...
  2. Thanks guys. The car was at his dads so I didnt have a look once I seen the fuel sender & stuck my hand in the tank easy to work out.
  3. Hey guys after some help. Installing a new fuel sender into a mates 2008 fg xr6t sedan. The old one was just floating in the tank. I cant find any info online on witch way they go. Can some one point me in the right direction please.
  4. Hey guy I have a ba xr6t with a t5z 5 speed box going to convert it to a t56. I need to find a wiring diagram for the reverse lights & not sure if I should bother with the reverse lock out. Any help for what to do with the wiring would be helpful.
  5. I Can see being an orginal turbo & the car is 18 years old this December that it will not come off the exhaust manifold, so im thinking ill pull the whole lot out on one hit, soak it in wd40 for a few days then break it apart. I have all new gaskits, oil water seals, studs & manufold gaskitd. Just wanted to confirm that you can get the exhaust manifold out with tubo & dump pipe attached the exhaust manifold. last time I done one was like 8 years ago & even then I couldnt get one of the bottom bolts out then once back in lining up the dump pipe & turbo housing was a nightmare. So to confirm undo the dump pipe from underneath near the cat & the oil return & feed lines, unplau the oxy sensor then remove manifold bolts and remove dump pipe turbo & exhaust manifold in one hit..
  6. Ive got to replace my turbo cartridge. Can you just remove the exhaust manifold dump pipe all together ? Then work on it on the bench.
  7. Ok old thread. Right we had to replace the ignition switch & the ICC had a few faulty buttons & some of the screen is dead. Now I have no Speedo no rpm & the cluster is light up like a z mass tree & the ICC is no working still & I know atlest one of my ICC's work. I have ford scan & have checked every plug & wire. Apart from no aircon no music & no Speedo the cars great. Lols
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