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  1. Haven't got around to it yet, still need to get the engine number off it. Probably do it this week
  2. Alright awsome, thanks for the fast reply
  3. So I have a suspicion my engine has been changed so I'm wondering if it's had a bf engine put in. Is there a way to tell if it's from a bf or not?
  4. Thanks for the advice fellas, it seems quite complicated but I'm quite keen to learn. As for my trade, I'm a 3rd year mechanic
  5. Hes guys, I am going to build my own engine. Just after any advice or suggestions on parts I should use such as pistons and rods, cams, oil pump gears. Im wanting around 400 to 450rwkw. Also any information on getting the block machined would be awesome. Im a 3rd year apprentice and have never built an engine before and want to give it a go. Thanks in advance
  6. So I just turned my clutch to toast and am looking for any recommendations on what clutch to get. I'm going for 300-350rwkw so need something that's going to last.
  7. Bummer thought that would be the case. Nah don't want to do it dodgy do it once and do it right. Thanks for the reply 👍
  8. I'm wanting to buy a turbo side intake for my ba but I still have the factory cooler and piping, just wondering if the factory piping gets in the way or not?
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