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  1. Changed out a full set of shocks and slightly lowered springs! No more diff hop 👍👌
  2. Hi all, I have had a search and can’t seem to find my answer, I am very much new to this but wanting a little more buz in my xr6 ba mk2 6 speed manual turbo, is it simple to have somone program an f6 270 tune onto the computer? Who where and how much can have this done, thanks in advance
  3. Hey all, sorry about yet another question on the turbo/ gas engines, I’ve done hours of research and getting conflicting reports, I have a ba turbo eng with a rod knock, theoretically if I had a 06/06 onwards lpg gas eng, and put the turbo pistons and turbo head onto the gas block, would the comp be the same as the turbo eng and would be a good platform for reliable 300s? Thanks In advance
  4. thanks again keith, I cant get the upload thing to work so perhaps I can just put up the links and hopefully they work, im not the most computer savvy, this one looks odd how its so offset??
  5. Thanks for the replies, I’ve inspected them today on a mates hoist, they look ok but so show slight signs of wear, I don’t know what’s acceptable and what isn’t, they look to be either standard ford or aftermarket, I did take some pics but I’m having a hard time putting them up!
  6. Hi everyone, fairly new to the ford scene and have myself a tidy xr6 6 speed manual turbo m2 ba, have had it for a few months and recently I have been sus on the rear diff bushes, the car has some backlash and tonight I took it out on some back country roads for the first time in the wet (standard power figures) and it was disappointing, can’t lay any power to the ground as the axle tramp is bad, I’ve played around under it once and tried to inspect the diff bushes myself but can’t see past the massive round washer type shield, I’ve had a mechanic perform a rwc inspection and he said that they are ok, they where also changed recently before I purchased the car, aparently! I am just mostly Suss on them as it has backlash and axle tramp, it’s quite annoying and very unrefined, any suggestions are welcomed, thanks
  7. Hi guys new member here first post, I did check out the search bar although I couldn’t find what I was looking for so please excuse if this has already been asked, I have just brought myself a m2 ba 6 speed manual xr6T in stock clean condition and 160 on the clock, question is, my mate has a modded bf typhoon and has all standard parts I can get my hands on, the typhoon air box, injectors, full exhaust inc cat, and intercooler. is there any benefit of fitting these parts too my xrT and would it tune to the 260/270 rwkw mark? The intention was too leave it stock for a while as currently the budget doesn’t extend for mods, and was just seeing if the phoon parts where worthy of being fitted, thanks regards Joel
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