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  1. Cars been sold boys, someone eles problem now. Didn't want to sell her, had to, lost my licence. FML
  2. the stock exhaust has had the mid muffler deleted, I just chopped it out and straight piped it. u can buy these pipes online, I thought id save some money and just do it myself. sounds allright, not great. could be louder seems like its running a lot richer (can smell the unburnt fuel), thinking it could use a tune anyway, but im wanting to get a new fuel pump, bigger injectors, bigger fmi, battery relocation, hot side intake, stiffer valve springs then get it tuned. also its possible its had a tune already as it hits 10 psi boost then hit ecu cut, was thinking previous owner has taken the good bits off it and put the stock stuff back on and left it with after market tune.
  3. hi keith, mate the remote isn't working at all, its when I use the key in the door, it only unlocks the drivers door, before it used to do all doors. im not sure where the owners manual is either as ive moved house recently. and I cant get the remote to pair with the car at all when putting car in lear mode.
  4. hey guys, ive had my car (03 xr6 turbo) sitting for about 3-4 months, the battery went flat and had to jump start it, since ive got the battery charged it hasn't been unlocking all the doors when ulocking it with the key. it will lock all doors with key. I tried to reprogram my remote to it as it dosnt work anymore, and it wont pick it up after putting it in to learn mode (press demister 3 times) anything I should be checking for this ?
  5. hey guys I done a mid muffler delete on my 03 xr6 turbo and ive found that its gradually become hard to cold start, is there anything I can do other then a tune to get it to start easily again?
  6. So your post has got me thinking. Could I possibly get a after market boost controller like the gfb 3.0 and just set the over boost value too 10psi then it would in theory stop the turbo spooling past 10 psi effectively stoping my boost cut issuse? On a side note I would rather have the car running at about 12 psi, is there any possible way of disabling the ecu boost cut or tricking the ecu into thinking it's running lower psi? How does the ecu measure boost? Could I possibly disconnect a sensor so the ecu can't read boost or will the cause a running issue? Sent from my CPH1920 using Tapatalk
  7. I <3 Bananas yeah man I'm going to look at getting one for mine [emoji1690] Sent from my CPH1920 using Tapatalk
  8. How did u get that app to work off your OBD2 port? Sent from my CPH1920 using Tapatalk
  9. Okay well I'll give it a go on bypassing the boost solinoid and try just it on waste gate pressure Should I unplug the boost solinoid or leave it plugged in? I'll just run a hose from the turbo directly to the boost actuator Sent from my CPH1920 using Tapatalk
  10. So yeah took the car for a drive the other day and I've confirmed it sits at 10psi WOT through first and second but as soon as I shift into third and plant it, it wants to sit on 12psi then it cuts. could I possibly by pass the boost solenoid and stop the ecu boost cut?
  11. So I guessing that in 1st and 2nd it's probably not building any more boost then 10psi, allowing it to rev out and not cut, I'll have to check it today. Sent from my CPH1920 using Tapatalk
  12. Yeah I've got a boost gauge, not really sure what it's hitting in 1st and 2nd, keeping my eyes on the road. I'll have to get the misses to watch it. Sent from my CPH1920 using Tapatalk
  13. Also I should have mention that I can hit rev limiter in first and second if I launch it and it won't hit boost cut. It only hits it boost cut once it gets to like 3500 - 4000 rpm in 3rd. Sent from my CPH1920 using Tapatalk
  14. Okay well where do I find the sensor? Thought it was just a solenoid controlled by the ECU didn't know there was a sensor. More exhaust flow is better for turbos I thought? Sent from my CPH1920 using Tapatalk
  15. So your saying that it's been previously tuned? and now it needs a retune to getting it to stop hitting 10 psi or smooth out the boost spike when it's under load or something Sent from my CPH1920 using Tapatalk
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