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  1. It's on areas that will be too hard to paint. If I was going to try to paint it would take days to take everything apart
  2. Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone has noticed or had any issues with surface rust throughout the cabin on certain things like seat rails and other bare metal surfaces? I'm currently doing an audio install and have noticed rust on quiet a few things throughout the cab more than I'll consider reasonable. If so what have you done 2 rectify this. Should I use fish oil or something else other than WD40 as I don't want to stink the cab out too much. Cheers
  3. Ok then, it would be around tree fidy... but I don't know what that equates to in euros
  4. No need to be a cockhead keyboard worrior. I was asking a legitimate question. I obviously know I <3 Bananas all about the subject matter and was hoping for some constructive advice
  5. I understand that I can chuck in what I have already have however was hoping to get some feedback from someone that has had some experience with in-line converters and wether it was worth going with the separate single din option
  6. I would have assumed that better front speakers were a must and are one of the first things to do when upgrading the system. also its a ute so no parcel shelf. I have a sub and amp already. just need the wiring kit. Should I be ok if run a 4 channel amp, bridge 1 channel for the sub and run front speakers off the other two channels? I have an Eclipse ea4100 4ch, and an alpine 3548 2ch.
  7. Is the sound quality going to be that much worse if I go with spitting lines? I am learning towards splitting as im trying to keep the cost down. Not looking to build a competition spec system just something to put a smile on my face
  8. Hi guys. I'm a little confused as to what the best option would be when it comes to upgrading my stereo in my FG Mk 1 ute. I was looking at chucking a sub in and some descent splits at the front. Am I going to be better off splitting the line off the rear speakers for the signal to the amp or should I run a single din unit under the ICC unit if so how do you patch it in so that the audio controls and bluetooth still work. Thanks in advance
  9. Hessy

    Strange shudder

    thanks mate here is the video. you can just hear the shudder as the revs drop.
  10. Hey guys I've been doing quite a bit of research but can't seem to find any answers for my problem. I have a 2010 XR6 Turbo ute with 62000 kilometres. When I drive it in the morning or when it's cold I get a strange shudder through the car at low revs which does get a little better as the car warms up. If I accelerate the slightest bit whilst going up a slight incline the shudder gets worse. Also this shudder happens as the revs drop slightly as you can see in the video. It started happening about a year ago but was not bad at all but it is progressively got worse. I was thinking somethin
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