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  1. Hi flo

    Didn’t say it did,was just saying that it’s been done
  2. Hi flo

    Sorry mate new to this,car has a big plazmaman intercooler and intake muffler delete,was thinking 3. 1/2 inch dump pipe with 150 cell hi flo cat, 1000 cc injectors and a tune for 98 octane.Thoughts???
  3. Hi flo

    Stocky fg turbo,any gains putting on a 3.1/2 inch dump and hi flow cat turbo back to original?
  4. Fuel octane rating

    Hi,just curious the difference in hp using 91,95 and 98 in fg turbo,any noticeable gains? Thanks
  5. FG turbo oil feed how to?

    Hi all,just wondering how difficult it is to change the stock oil feed line on an FG ? Want to change to a EARLS kit, any step by step vids on here? Cheers
  6. Fg xr6T horn not working??

    So I’m getting power to the relay but it stops there?
  7. Fg xr6T horn not working??

    No horn but when you press it the relay in the under bonnet fuse box makes a funny toonk toonk sound,changed relay and still same,,thoughts???

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