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  1. SCT to HPT problem

    As far as I know the last tune was done about 12 months ago at Real Dyno brisbane
  2. SCT to HPT problem

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jkorutm2pzmixyb/josh.hpl?dl=0 Here's a log I did of a quick drive this morning.. Drives really nice
  3. SCT to HPT problem

    Yeah no codes.. I think it only did that because it erased the ecu first before writing the hpt copy of the tune
  4. SCT to HPT problem

    Better to be safe and not piss anyone off lol.. Newest update of vcm and all updated drivers on the mpvi dongle did the job without a single error, just the typical lights on the dash flashing while reading/writing
  5. SCT to HPT problem

    @BAXRTUTE I sent it to you in a pm
  6. SCT to HPT problem

    Update: HPT was able to read, edit and over-write the sct tune. How do I attach the file on a post?
  7. SCT to HPT problem

    The tune is good, I've just been comparing it to a stock tune file that JET posted on the hpt forum. I can send you a copy for a second opinion if you like
  8. SCT to HPT problem

    Ok so HPT easily pulled the tune from the car and I'm able to edit the tune
  9. SCT to HPT problem

    About an hour or 2 away.. I'm closer to sunshine coast
  10. SCT to HPT problem

    I'm in Wamuran, QLD
  11. SCT to HPT problem

    Mines manual also
  12. SCT to HPT problem

    Thanks I've been reading alot on the hpt forums.. From what I've read there only seems to be a problem with hpt writing over efi-live tunes but that could have since been fixed with the new update.. Doesn't seem to be a problem with the US guys writing directly over SCT tunes but still very hard to get a 100% answer about the aus fords
  13. SCT to HPT problem

    Is it possible to suck the current tune using hpt then after ford reflash I should be able to use hpt to write the current tune back into the vehicle?
  14. SCT to HPT problem

    Thanks for all the help, looks like I'll be taking it to ford for a stock reflash then towed to the workshop for a fresh tune
  15. SCT to HPT problem

    Myself and the tuner want to use hpt.. My tuner said he has heard of people writing over an sct tune with hpt but doesn't want to risk bricking the ecu

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