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  1. FG MKII Turbo ute a while back my power steering pump developed a loud whine, appeared to be leaking and no good so I replaced with one from The Parts Factory. I bled it as per workshop manual but it has always whined and still does. Recently had the car at Casey Automotive for an exhaust leak and they looked it over and said it didn’t have any air in it but is just noisy. Could it be this is just a crap pump and I need to replace with another? What are others doing for replacements? Fraud?
  2. So I’ve got it booked in at Casey Automotive again as doubtful I’ll have time to investigate myself. if indeed it is a cracked turbine housing as people have pointed to where do I source a replacement. Is there a better aftermarket option that hopefully won’t crack again? appreciate the help.
  3. 😂 you certainly helped out a lot last time it happened. I still had to get someone else to do it though!
  4. Will do but I’m almost positive it’s exact same problem as last time. Thing is I had Casey Automotive make the repair last time so hoping to have a go at it myself this time and try and make sure it won’t happen again.
  5. Yeah we went through all this last time it happened. If you read back it’s apparently related to cracked turbine housing so just trying to narrow down again where I’m looking exactly and what does and doesn’t have to be removed.
  6. So big thread dig but surprise surprise my car sounds like a tractor again just like you guys said it would. So I’m thinking this time as it’s most likely the same problem I will have a go at doing it myself. Is this the problem part that cracks and these the problem bolts?
  7. Sorry should say it’s fg 2012 fg Xr6t so the TR6060 gearbox.
  8. Anyone happen to know off the top of their heads what size the bolt is after removing the reverse switch wiring? Want to pump the last of my gearbox oil in there. I only had a 19mm and 22mm ring spanner and didn’t fit so I’m assuming 20mm? let me know if you can the size and best tool for the job - box, open end, offset, ring etc? cheers!
  9. Hi, have my eye on a set of Ox 18” rims second hand. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this make of wheels good or bad and thoughts on them in general. Cheers.
  10. I believe he meant the ball joints themselves are not replaceable items, I.e. you need to replace the control arm with ball joints pre installed. so you are agreeing!
  11. Yeah think it’s the shocks for sure now. When I put my weight down on the bonnet over the wheels and rock on it the front end bounces multiple times. No good. Recommendation for replacements? Don’t necessarily want to go top shelf but mid range options? Thanks again.
  12. Will check that too... there’s no clunking or weird noises which I believe usually accompanies ball joint failure... but need to inspect to rule out. 125,000kms seems like a short life for front shocks to me... but sure its a possibility. Was my first thought.
  13. Rough idea on cost? Thinking might just diy and replace control arms so no mucking around with ball joint presses etc. I would imagine roughly same price as paying mechanic labour to replace just ball joints...
  14. Can ball joints just be replaced or have to replace whole control arm? Recommended parts, easy enough to do for a hack home mechanic? Looking at these maybe? https://www.sparesbox.com.au/part/superpro-lower-control-arm-kit-trc1009?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIge_awo7h7AIVgTgrCh0NTwH7EAQYAyABEgJ9J_D_BwE
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