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  1. Ok cheers. No point making insurance claim as can get a replacement wheel cheaper than excess amount. I’ll have a google search but mostly comes up with joints that do gutter rash repair and re painting etc. if they can’t do it guess they’ll know someone who can though. If anyone can recommend a place in inner or outer east of Melbourne that would be great too? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi guys, due to some idiot not securing his load I hit what I think was a block of red gum possibly a brick on the highway the other day, regardless it’s done some damage to my rim. My question is, is it possible to “re-round” the rim? As you’ll see in the pic it is way out as it is now. I’m hoping there is a repair option as looking on gumtree these rims go for over $300 for a second hand one in only ok condition. Thanks for any help.
  3. Ok thanks for input. Where can you get them for $100 a tyre?!?!
  4. Ok. Tyres are Hankook Ventus V2 which I think are half decent?
  5. A good set of Ford 17 inch rims with 235/45/17 tyres has come up at a good price. Would this setup provide enough grip for an unmodified fg turbo? Or is 245 the minimum width required...
  6. Yeah I took a look at that and saw that the mm difference for the 245/40 profile is more than I thought. All good sticking with same profiles for now. Will look to change all 4 tyres and possibly rims at same time down the track. Thanks for your help.
  7. The 17s are too junk so keeping the 19s for now. Given that does anyone have a definitive answer on whether it’s ok to run a 245/40/19 or even a 245/45/19 on the rears and a 245/35/19 on the fronts? Once the fronts wear out I will replace them with exact same tyres as the rears. dont want to drive around on the spare much longer so would love a definitive answer. Thanks.
  8. Ok I think I’ll bite the bullet and buy the 17s with the 45 profile tile on them. At least I’ll have a spare set of rims even if I’m not happy with the ride on them. Cheers.
  9. Have someone selling a set of clean 17s now but with good tyres on and I’m assuming a 45 profile on a 17 inch rim would give a smoother ride? I.e. road noise and bumps not quite as harsh?
  10. I actually looked at going down to 17 or 18 rims and running a higher profile tyre. Had a nice set with good tyres lined up but bloke sold them before I got there. Still keeping an eye out. Ok so 255 width on rear should be ok. What about a slightly higher profile. I.e. 40 on rear and keep the 35 up front? I would imagine this would be ok?
  11. Sorry my bad! 245/35 on the fronts I guess I’m hoping to go wider for more grip and a higher profile to smooth out the ride a little if that helps? with a view to going a higher profile up front once they wear out too.
  12. Or someone just recommend me some good rear tyres given I have 19 inch factory rims and 235/45/19s on the front? cheers.
  13. Hi guys quick one have Factory 19 inch rims on my FG XR6T Ute, running Kumho 245/35/R19s on front wheels destroyed one of my rear tyres the other day but both rear were pretty low on tread anyway so going to replace rears (still plenty of tread on the fronts). My question is is can I run a wider and slightly higher profile tyre on the rears? have a good deal on some Hankooks 275/40/R19s so basically just want to know if it’s ok to have a 40 profile on the rear and a 35 on the fronts and if I can go this wide also? thanks for any advice!
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