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  1. Drive shaft/cv replacement

    I belive he said somthing about having a different spline? The eBay ones also tend to say in the description that it's "Not for fpv 4dr sedan"
  2. Just snapped the right cv on my bf typhoon will a standard xr6t one fit or is there any aftermarket ones my mechanic has said theres only one he can get and its from ford and will cost 1500
  3. Will these rims fit

    Hey all just wondering about a set of pf07 enkei rims and if they will fit my car I'm not sure about the specs on offsets, center bore etc it's a 2006 bf xr6 Na if you could provide the max recomended specs for the car is really appreciate it also the new rims are Wheel Size: 17x7.5 Offset: +45 Hub Bore: 75 Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3. Thanks in advance
  4. Best injectors for a Na bf

    Good to know so it wouldn't be worth the money yet
  5. I have a k&n poddy and pacemaker headers with redback exhaust 2.5" I'm just wondering before I get it tuned up what would be the best injectors to install if at all
  6. Hey just wondering where to start with the performance side of things I have an automatic transmission unfortunately and I'm not sure where to start to get it a bit more power I'm only on my p plates so it can't be stuff like turbo and things like that and not super obvious limited space for improvement I know site links would be helpful also. Thanks for any help you can give me
  7. Just bought an xr6 and decided to change to a lighter rim was just wondering how much these would be worth

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