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  1. Thanks guys, I think what I'm trying to get here is a way to prove he didn't do what he said he did, Cos I believe he didn't change the box over at all. When I asked him where he got the box he wouldn't mention names of wreckers or anything so it's all a bit suss. So if he did change the bos would he have to have a different TCU for it to work or can the one that belongs to the car run it with a flash tune?
  2. Hi guys, I have a 2007 territory turbo and after some transmission issues I paid a guy to swap in a secondhand gearbox. Paid ababou1kt for the box plus 1k for Labour. Basically it still had the same issues still hangs up 3 to 4 shift and I think I've been had. I reckon he just fixed the leak it had and nothing more and didn't change the gearbox. But still charged me for it! So if my suspicions are correct is there a way to tell if it still has the factory transmission either by serial numbers or by checking obd2 data? What really arose my suspicion is he had no gearbox to give back to me rather he claims it had to be exchanged for the secondhand one. Doesn't make sense as to why the old box would need yo be exchanged for a secondhand one usually that's for rebuilt
  3. Hey ultrex will you guys be doing one a full 4 inch for BA BF?
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