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  1. Goeers thoughts

    Show me where I have ranted. All I have done was ask questions. Sounds like everybody needs the same sense of humour on this site or there history. Lovely way to run your community. Be a robot and conform or don't survive is your ultimatum. Do you have a 30mm mustache by any chance.
  2. Goeers thoughts

    Every crash I was drunk. Alcohol is the worst drug ever. Used it as a downer after been up for 5 days on speed.
  3. Goeers thoughts

    Rab are you a spelling teacher by any chance.
  4. Goeers thoughts

    Find a manhole cover, there everywhere, put the wheel that spins on it. (simple) I learnt this one when I was 14. I blew the tyre of the rim of a 1200cc Datsun using this method.
  5. Goeers thoughts

    100 % of long term users, more than 100 a month end up with brain damage. But right know its the better of two evils.
  6. Goeers thoughts

    I think that kid just caught a glimpse of you mate and sh*t its pants.
  7. Goeers thoughts

    Yeah but, why has my user name been changed to dipstick. I am chilled out all the time, that's what valium does. I certainly don't speak down to people.
  8. Goeers thoughts

    I was hooked on ice for three years spent my life savings on the sh*t, 200,000. stay away from drugs there bad for you. Although those posts in this thread where I raved on about the union and the building industry I was on prescription drugs, but I took 15 instead of my prescribed 2 valium and washed them down with 400 ml of scotch.
  9. Goeers thoughts

    Your having me on.
  10. Ba 4 speed limits.

    You tell me
  11. Ba 4 speed limits.

    What does this mean ?
  12. Goeers thoughts

    I am biased towards single spinners because I nearly died driving an lsd car. I am now driving an lsd car again for the first time since the big one 7 years ago. I find it scary as hell, and only do stand still burn outs in first. That 1st gear in sports shift is very handy.
  13. Goeers thoughts

  14. Goeers thoughts

    I had some hope for you arronm, you have helped me with some of my mechanical questions,( notice to Rab, it is a mechanical forum ) but turns out your condescending like half the other dipsticks on this forum. I have received some good information but now you *beep* can go laugh at someone else . So what I like single spinners, much safer, can steer around cars, objects on the road while doing a 50 mtr burnout. That was my first post and to bring that up now is just you been a condescending dipstick arronm. Oh and DR Stripes, I would look into getting more upgrades, you might think your a professor but the k and n filter just aint doing it. And to panda eyes, there *beep* on that other forum, you cant post of topic without getting a point. Nothing to do with them not liking me. To the site developer, I forgot your name but your avatar is of a mole typing at a computer, Hey bud read this. Then ban me for life
  15. Goeers thoughts

    Why don't you like me you patronizing *beep*.

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