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  1. It came this way. I had a service at a dealer and he said he could remove it but I left it as it was.
  2. Just picked up car from Autotech where it received it first tune. Came up with 281.8kW at the tears. Drives nice and spools up strong. The ZF tune I was hesitate about but I can feel the improvement it has made.
  3. I am currently changing the internal piping and saw oil at the air inlet and exit ports of the turbo. Is this normal or signs of a sick turbo. The shaft spins freely and there is a little bit of play in the shaft
  4. Hi Guys, probably been answered somewhere before but the factory plastic pipe that enters and exists the intercooler is hard to extract. Are there any ways of doing this without cutting them?
  5. I took my car to Heasmans in Sydney and after discussions with Peter I was steered towards to new rubber bushes. Had the don’t upper control arms and top mounts replaced. Threw some new Bilsteins at all corners and the car has been transformed.
  6. Finally got around to working out how to insert photos.
  7. There was an English website that you could type in the VIN number and it would give you the build details of your car. I did this to my ex-HWP years ago but I can't remember wher I saved the info. There is are performance extras with these cars.
  8. Hello all, My daily driver, ex HWP FGII XR6T needs suspension work basically to replace bushes and Bilstein's to replace the old damper as it is starting to sound like a taxi the wayit knocksin the front end. I had AUIII that I fitted Superpro throughout all mounting points and hated the driving experience. With the FG what would be the main suspension or steering components that should be upgraded to neoprene and what should stay rubber for NVH?
  9. I have a 2013 FGII XR6T which I have had for 5 years as a daily driver. Yes they are serviced well, yes the centre console is scratched from belts, etc, the right side seat bolster will lose its shape but you get FPV suspension and Brembo fronts. May car was a Coffs Harbour cruiser. I changed ZF oil and filter and had diff bushes changed under warranty. Cpos get brand new tyres but no wheel alignment? Mine was way out. But overall a reliable car. People freak out when POLICE comes up on the dash when I start the car.
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