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  1. G6Et - My First Ford

    Yeah lsd and getting sum invos for the standard wheels or getting wider wheels are on the list too, as is suspension and brakes. I actually can't believe the luxo spec ford came without an LSD but it is what it is. I probably won't get all these things done in the right order but hopefully in the next while ill make good progress.ill definitely check out the flexplate mod too which I didn't know was an issue previously
  2. G6Et - My First Ford

    Thanks guys for the feedback. While I dont know that I'll get as far as some of the top 50 its amazing how much potential these things have. I am looking forward to carrying out some mods in the near future! Cheers
  3. G6Et - My First Ford

    Hi people, I've recently acquired my 50th anniversary G6ET in black with 19s with 45,000km and am lovin it. Having previously owned jap four cyl turbos (other than a VL turbo) I am so impressed with how much torque the G6ET has, plus all the luxo features and its big enough to fit the family comfortably in. My only disappointment is the lack of an lsd. Anyways I've read around the forums that these things standard can run in the mid to high 12s down the quarter so I went down to the Plex last night to see if I could get mine to do the same. First run was a 13.2 at 171km/h (106mph) with a 2.2s 60ft time Second run was a 13.06 at the same km's with a 2s 60ft time Third run was a 12.97 at the same km's and same 60ft time (timeslip in link below). I ran out of time to do any more runs but I'm sure I could better the 12.9 - am still trying to bed down the launch technique (or lack of any real technique). But I am wrapped that my bog standard car can run in the 12s (albeit high 12s). I'm now waiting for my process west stg 1 intercooler kit to arrive, probably also get the venom dump/cat pipe, and then head down to Monstatorque for injectors and a tune. Car: http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p717/aktheseira/aktg6et/G6ET_zps5cf68afa.jpg Timeslip: http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p717/aktheseira/aktg6et/timeslip_zpsd90036d3.jpg

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