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Im a troll ignore Me

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    Collecting Ford motor cars as lm a mechanic and a track racer
  1. Happy Birthday Im a troll ignore Me!

  2. Happy Birthday Im a troll ignore Me!

  3. Hey guys if lm a troll how come you react ...Honestly they are the reason Fords FINISHED in Australia Nobody wants an oversized six cylinder only Legion,Combined and St George Cabs
  4. What time is Ben's taxi able pick me up at the airport Let me know his shift times BTW Do you reckon ld be Dumb enough to show you my ford
  5. l noticed that none of you guys won a trophy you all seem to talk lots but that's it BUT if there was a trophy for the biggest wankers or the shiniest turbo taxi cab you blokes would sh*t it in BTW l just love my trophy Vee Eights rule boys
  6. obviously u must have been working on xr6 turbo production line in Geelong ,,,,,Sounds like a forced retirement to me

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