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  1. BA XR6T - No start issue

    PCM wiring issue. Had a guru track it down
  2. BA XR6T - No start issue

    Problem has now been fixed
  3. BA XR6T - No start issue

    Hi all, I've picked up a BA xr6t, but it has a starting issue. I have had it started a few times & driven it around. However most of the time it wont start. I don't believe it is the starter or battery. Here is what I've tried so far: With my OBD dongle I could connect to the car and clear DTC, this allowed me to start it once or twice. I have removed battery terminal from battery and left overnight, then left key at ON position for 5 mins, this allowed me to start the engine a few times, however this trick isn't working now. My OBD dongle will connect to other modules in the car such as BEM, IC, ABS. It will not connect to the PCM anymore. Any suggestions? I have a feeling the PCM is faulty or an issue with the immobilizer. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Ba Xr6T Trouble Codes

    Hi, I'm getting diagnostic trouble codes coming up on BA XR6T. P0171 P0238 P2105 P2110 Seems very thirsty at the moment and has been stalling (its an auto) Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  5. 3" Dump Pipe With Divorced Wastegate

    Good point
  6. 3" Dump Pipe With Divorced Wastegate

    Yes 3" is stock, but wouldn't a 3" with divorced wastegate be on par with a 3.5"?
  7. Hi, Looking for opinions on a 3" dump pipe with divorced wastegate Vs something like a 3.5" dump pipe? Am I loosing top end power by using the 3"? Thanks
  8. Stock Bf Typhoon Cat Back

    Ok, I had a feeling they were the same.
  9. Stock Bf Typhoon Cat Back

    Hi, Just wanting to know if a stock BF Typhoon cat back is less restrictive than a stock BA XR6T system? Can the stock BF Typhoon system support over 300rwkw? I can pick up the typhoon system cheap, but not sure its worth it. Thanks
  10. Ba Xr6T Misfire/idle Issues

    Try giving the throttle body a clean, maybe the idle air control is all blocked up. Any fault codes?
  11. What's Holding Me Back? 275Rwkw

    If intake temps aren't too high, doesn't that suggest that the cooler is okay? And more likely the exhaust?
  12. What's Holding Me Back? 275Rwkw

    I am happy to fix things where I can and keep costs down. I believe the tune to be the max power it can produce currently.
  13. What's Holding Me Back? 275Rwkw

    Measured up cat and its 3" inlet and outlet, 4.5" body.
  14. What's Holding Me Back? 275Rwkw

    ** Update from tuner* They said I probably need a bigger intercooler or there is a restriction in the exhaust. Intake temps were not too high so appears to be a flow issue rather than lack of cooling.
  15. What's Holding Me Back? 275Rwkw

    I went and measured the intercooler. Its 450x300x76mm, but the core is stamped ADRAD top and bottom. is that still a Monza or just an ADRAD made core??

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