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  1. Thanks a heap guys- I still would really like to fill out the wide hips at the rear. Is there anyone with an FG Ute that has pulled it off with 20inch rear wheels (10 Wide)? What tyres are you using and what offset are the wheels? Any more recommendations guys? Cheers!
  2. Hi Guys, I have a black FG XR6 Turbo Ute. The guy I bought it off only had 17 inch factory wheels on it with 245 wide rear tyre. I want to put 20 inch rims on it staggered 8.5 front and 10 rear. and I want at least 285 or 295 rear tyres to get the torque to the road. There is a link below to the wheels I want, I am going to get them shipped from America $1200 for wheels and $1000 shipping. So $2200 total. USD is pretty much the same as AUD so this doesnt matter. Koko Kuture Intake Matte Black Machined Wheels at Street Dreams The only place I could find them in Australia is Ozzy Tyres in Sydney "www.ozzytyres.com.au" and they wanted $3000 for them and $200 to ship them to Gold Coast. So the expensive air freight from USA is still $1000 cheaper! My question is- The rear Wheels (10 wide) come in an offset of either 25 or 42. Which would be best to fill out the rear guards on my FG Ute? The front wheels (8.5 wide) come in an offset of 25 or 38. which would be best for front guards? What does everyone reckon? Cheers

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