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  1. Swapping BCM with PCM

    Thanks Puffwagon I appreciate your help, I've played with cars a fair bit but always oldies. These electronic issues are challenging - I'm on a steep learning curve but I believe I'm getting a fairly good grasp of it as I go. I think I have just about worn out the search bar... Ralph Wiggum has helped me out in another thread so if he or any of the other guys have ideas I'd love to hear their thoughts as well. I will head over to hp tuners and do some searching there as well.
  2. Swapping BCM with PCM

    Thanks, any ideas are helpful at this stage. I've checked the brake distribution blocks and the ute has 5 brake lines coming out of it and the donor car has 6. So ute is non ABS and donor is ABS. There are electrical plugs attached so I imagine the PCM is expecting to see an ABS type unit. I can't swap it over as the brake lines are different due to IRS on sedan and live axle in the ute. There must be a way to tell the PCM it's not supposed to see a ABS type unit, what do you think?
  3. Swapping BCM with PCM

    I have got the car all up and running however it went straight into limp mode. It drives ok but only in 3rd? gear with the D flashing, I believe it's because it's not picking up a speed sensor as the speedo does not work. The (!) light is on, the ABS light is on and the Traction Control light is on, I think the airbag light is on as well. The 4 speed auto is exactly the same as far as I know in both my RTV ute and the sedan I used as a donor. I've swapped nearly everything from the donor into my ute, should I swap over the ABS unit as well? This seems to be the one thing in common with the errors displayed however I don't understand how the car could know the difference in ABS units from one car to the other? Thanks guys - nearly there!
  4. Thanks mate, will be nice to give it a proper test once I have more gears than just 3rd.
  5. Crikey. Messed it all up on my phone let me try pics again.
  6. I got it all running and driving, it's in limp mode which can only be expected after coming from a sedan with abs and traction control, should be an easy enough fix at a tuner or Ford I guess. I have another question about this vacuum hose with the blue fitting in the picture below. I'm assuming it goes to a vacuum tank which stores vacuum for the n/a engines intake butterflies and also the diff lock on the RTV's? It doesn't seem to have a check valve but does it have some other control to prevent it receiving boost pressure? I will be needing vacuum to engage diff lock, even more so now but don't want to hook it up without knowing...
  7. Swapping BCM with PCM

    You are an effing legend. There was one plug under the column which looked plugged in but has a lever/cam you're supposed to pull over and I hadn't done it. Lights on now thanks mate, might lube the turbo up and see if she starts... Thanks for your help!
  8. Swapping BCM with PCM

    I just spoke to service dept at Ford and he said if it just needs relinking your dash lights should still come up, it just wouldn't crank. Is this right? I had an AU years ago that I left the battery out of for a month and it needed relinking but as I remember it the dash lights didn't come up at that time. I can't be sure now though... Looking forward to hearing what you guys think.
  9. Swapping BCM with PCM

    This morning I pulled the dash, repaired heater shaft, put the dash, steering column and ICC from the sedan into the ute. I've triple checked the connections but I have a problem - the ign won't come on. The doors unlock and lock with the remote, lights work but nothing on the dash and the display on the ICC is blank, can't hear HIM whirr. I don't know what the symptoms are when the PCM and BCM 'forget'. I had the battery disconnected for 3 days while doing engine change and dash change. I was pretty sure this was all going to work but these things happen... Anything else I can check before assuming I need to get them linked together at Ford or a tuner?
  10. Hi, I am in the process of fitting a turbo engine to my RTV and have a question. The sedan I've taken the engine from was a conversion as well and I'm not sure on this vac line. The sedan had this fitting which I thought was a check valve (it's not) and my ute had this straight through connector. I've traced the hose and it goes back to the fuel tank. Shouldn't there be a check valve to stop boost pressure finding it's way to the tank? I imagine the brake booster hose should have a check valve as well? Thanks guys
  11. Swapping BCM with PCM

    Awesome. Thanks
  12. Swapping BCM with PCM

    Ah ok the ICC has the BCM in it? Should just all come out in 1 unit, sounds good thank you. I'll be using the complete dash assembly from the sedan as the current ute dash is faded and I need to repair the heater not working which is looking like a dash out job.... Might as well put a nice dash back in.
  13. Swapping BCM with PCM

    Great, thanks. Glad I didn't go looking for it I though it was in the passenger kick panel...
  14. Hi all, I have an 04 RTV auto ute and an 04 XR6 turbo auto sedan. I'm putting the engine, transmission and dash including ICC and steering column from the turbo sedan into the ute. As I'll have the turbo PCM, ICC and steering column including key barrel should the car start and run or will the BCM shut the show down? Should I also swap the BCM from the sedan into the ute? Theoretically it should then start and run? Any issues with having the sedan BCM in a ute? Engine is out and on the floor, FG cams, Atomic springs, 440cc injectors and Hypergear ATR45 turbo hoping for 300kw will post pics once done.

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