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  1. Hey for the guys that turbo there na barras what spark plugs do you use turbo plugs or na ones ?
  2. Sorry for the late reply just havent been on here lately Yeah the previous owner tuned it at 12 psi its just got tbre valve springs and has ev1000 cc injectors
  3. Yeaj the only photo I got of it I got on ky phone http://i67.tinypic.com/2ep82ug.jpg
  4. Lol I dont have any pictures of it at the moment cause im over seas
  5. Yeah its already got a xr6t motor in it
  6. Hey guys would a ba xr6t m86 diff fit into a ba xt with out any modifications?
  7. How would I plumb the bov back Monza intercooler
  8. Its running 12psi tune at the moment 340lph fuel pump 1000cc injectors barra race springs 50mm external waste gate 2" screamer pipe The bov line is going to a t piece that splits and goes into the turbo and the external wastegate
  9. Yeah ill get rid of bov
  10. Yeah its got soft and hard setting I tried both settings but still the same.
  11. Nah its got a saas one
  12. When I back of the throttle
  13. Hey guys I just recently got a 04 xr6 turbo and its got a blow off valve but the turbo is surging and im pretty sure the bov is plumbed back. Thanks