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  1. Parts ordered, tune next week or so.

    Im in Lismore NSW. Total Mechanical are doing the tune.
  2. Parts ordered, tune next week or so.

    Fitted the Venom delete and CAI, only the tune left now. The venom pipes sound great, not too loud and aounds good at idle and under load. Video of Idle and BOV (Not accelerating hard until tune done) BOV is screwed about half way out. 20180622_134628.mp4 20180622_141009_001.mp4
  3. Parts ordered, tune next week or so.

    Had the wastegate fitted today and also upgraded the turbo oil line and filter to an Intune braided setup. Installed a BOV on the weekend. CAI has arrived and also a Venom Centre muffler delete which I am fitting this weekend. Booked in for a tune next week.
  4. Parts ordered, tune next week or so.

    Im not really chasing a heap of power, more so just a bit more pull. I could just have my tuner give me enough to still have the injectors not running out of fuel and the valve springs not being an issue cant I? Im not really worried about getting as much power as I can with the mods I have, more so a tune to make sure eveything is looking all good, any increase to what I have is a bonus.
  5. Parts ordered, tune next week or so.

    Safe meaning good AFR's as apposed to running a generic Capa tune etc. Also safe as in not running at its limit or with too much boost.
  6. Parts ordered, tune next week or so.

    The plan was something like 230-240rwkw. Just enough to give a bit of a rush without going silly and potentially having clutch or GB issues. I would be stoked with that figure and still being safe, engine/driveline wise.
  7. Picked up a 2003 XR6T ute on Friday. It has a sticky wastegate so I have decided to fit a few parts and have it tuned to be safe. It already has a K&N and I am doing the following. 7lb Turbosmart wastegate actuator F6 CAI Braided Turbo oil lines Centre Muffler removal Kompact Dual Port BOV Dyno tune. (Factory ECU tune) What sort of "Ultra Safe" Kw's would you think I could be looking at if I am looking to not wear out Clutch/5spd or break anything? The ute has 173kms and is in really good shape. Also, removal of the Centre muffler on a ute, will this make a decent note without being drony or too loud?
  8. New Members Thread

    Hi All, im kinda a new member, I hadnt logged in for about 7 years since I sold my last XR6T. On Friday I picked up a BA 5 speed XR6T ute. I decided it was time to log back in again. Its pretty much stock. Not going to modify it much I dont think, im getting old lol. We will see. Its an 03, 5 spd, 19s, K&N, Guage pod, hard cover, 173kms. Got it for 7k, which I thought was a pretty good deal.
  9. Happy Birthday urslow!

  10. Happy Birthday urslow!

  11. Happy Birthday urslow!

  12. Happy Birthday urslow!

  13. OMFG......lol looks like a missions to replace .....pretty sure you need to take off the whole arm rest etc just to replace a sh*tty bubbling plastic cover. I still got Manufacturers warranty, wonder if they will fix it uner warranty.
  14. I got the cup holder out and the surround but the plastic has bubbled on the left hand side opposite the D, R and numbers etc Going to replace it with Carbon Fibre look stuff...see how it goes. I can see a few screws around it and bolts but im not sure whats under it and dont want to I <3 Bananas it. The auto gear knob has a screw, is it just as easy to unscrew and it come s off and the spring is all ok for the engage button? cheers
  15. Anyone Seen This Before?

    have to be the 2nd best thread eva!!

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