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  1. Happy Birthday scottyxr6t!

  2. Happy Birthday scottyxr6t!

  3. Happy Birthday scottyxr6t!

  4. Fitting Hard Lid On Fg Question

    Also its a EGR cover
  5. Fitting Hard Lid On Fg Question

    Hi all was just wanting to know when fitting a hardlid on an fg. Does the bar for the front which the hinges attatch to replace or go over top of the little factory metal strip. thanks
  6. Happy Birthday scottyxr6t!

  7. Can I Swap Headlights

    as sweet as those lights look its more the bumper I want. so im only changing lights because I have to.......yeah ill def price xt because im pretty sure they'll try charge big $$$$ fo fpv.
  8. Can I Swap Headlights

    sweet thanks everyone. so everything should line up and fit sweet for a straight bumper and headlight change.
  9. Can I Swap Headlights

    thanks guys its not that I dont like the xr front I just really like the racoon look and was checking if it is possible
  10. Can I Swap Headlights

    yeah sorry should of put that.....its a 2011 fg ute
  11. can someone please tell me if fpv headlights fit an xr6t. I know the bumpers are different and I am wishing to swap for an fpv bumper. was wanting to know if it is as simple as swapping bumper and headlights. thanks

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