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  1. Dunnydoor Wagon

    Dunnydoor Wagon
  2. Happy Birthday dboost!

  3. Happy Birthday dboost!

  4. Happy Birthday dboost!

  5. Happy Birthday dboost!

  6. hi Simon ,well done on the over 300kw club I just missed you at ruffy's today,sad to hear about your box........at least you have the power now! with the wheel spin,it will be your super low springs,I had SSL kings and the car would never stop spinning,I put in typhoon ones which are just abit heigher but a softer spring rate,and it is heaps better ...if you want it low just buy the best tyres you can afford and that will help,just try and go a size wider if you want to keep the standard rims and that may help aswell. good luck with itt and I am keeping the car now....got to fit my new cooler as you beat me by 3rwkw and I cant have that now can I !!!!! Cheers Brad