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  1. I contacted FPV Joe and I now have the loom that I needed from ICC to Reverse camera and it was a fair price. FPV Joe was helpful and good to deal with, he also responded to every inquiry and I never got that from most other people. Thanks for the help 4321.
  2. Thanks 4321 but I emailed Mr FPV in mid September and I still haven't received a reply, so I don't think he wants to help with my problem, maybe because I already have a camera so I only need the looms. I have to say though, that freaky is right about his prices. I have made some wiring looms before but it was easier to get the parts that I needed and the problem seems to be getting the plug to fit the screen and the camera plug.
  3. I am looking for a Falcon FG MK1 reverse camera wiring loom from screen to parcel tray & parcel tray to camera, or a place that can make them for this car. I have contacted some companies that claim they can make wiring looms and they told me, "Sorry, that's a no, good luck with it" Does anyone know if it's possible to get plugs for the wiring looms if I can't get the complete loom? I already have a colour screen that is activated and a camera. I could possibly make the wiring loom to plug into them.
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