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  1. Awesome idea. I think I'll go with what you said. Cheers mate👍
  2. Is it still possible to do it from underneath?
  3. Awesome thanks mate got it. How about getting to the fuel pump on a ute? (Fg) preferable without taking the tub off Cheers
  4. Title pretty well speaks for itself.. I was at it for about 3 hours and could only manage to pull 3 bolts from the manifold to head and I can't find a video/thread anywhere on how tk remove it. If anyone has and little tips and tricks please let me know and also what tools. Cheers lads
  5. Hey guys. Second time posting. And I've got a bit of a newbie question. I've been gathering parts for my FG Turbo to gain performance. Let me know if you think they should get me passed the 350+kw mark. Cheers Walbro 525, 1000cc injectors, turbo side intake, battery relocation, HDI intercooler kit, 4" turbo back ultrex performance exhaust, crow cam valve springs, 1000hp rated tailshaft and extreme heavy duty clutch (manuel) .. standard turbo and engine unopened. The parts are sitting around waiting to be bolted on, just waiting for a few extra things to turn up and then go time. I am thinking about converting to e85 also.. but What does everyone think it'll run on 98? Cheers
  6. Probably a long shot but still available?

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