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  1. Happy Birthday Flemo23!

  2. Happy Birthday Flemo23!

  3. Happy Birthday Flemo23!

  4. Yeah wouldn't take my car to ford or any dealer
  5. Still better then I expected lol was thinking engine or box build
  6. Hopefully that is all I have power cruise on 3rd of oct need it sorted by then. It's a strange one the noise goes away around 1000rpm haven't driven since I herd the noise
  7. Hi I have a fg turbo ute with 520rwhp zf auto. I started it today and it has a hectic knock at idle. The noise seems to go away when rpm is lifted. Sounds like its coming from the sump or front of gearbox. Sounds like some one threw a heap of loose bearings in there. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Any help is much appreciated. Hoping it hasn't spun a bearing, hope it's just the flex plate or something. Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong area
  8. the trigger I found was good not effected by anything just a spear ignition wire. I put a alpine pdx f4 and a alpine line converter minimal engine noise and my clipping is about 26
  9. all good people I found a spear trigger in the fuse box under the dash. I just pulled the plug out took the locking tab out of the plug inserted a terminal connector with my trigger wire, then reinserted the locking tab then plugged it back in problem solved.
  10. hi all sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place. does any one know where is the easiest place to find a remote turn on for a amp in a xr50t ute? also would help to know the colour. im guessing there is one behind the deck but cant seem to figure out how to pull it out. any help would be much appreciated. cheers michael
  11. I'm thinking it might be a blocked oil line to turbo because there is no signes of wear around the blade and there is not a lot of play. I still might try for warranty the guy that tuned it knows the service manager at the local ford dealer. For now I'm just going to pull the oil line off and see if its blocked.
  12. hi every one I had my xr50 turbo ute for about 4 months. I think the bearings in my turbo are shot it makes a rattling noise when I turn it off is this common. the only work I have had done is alloy cooler pipes, dump pipe, cat, exhaust, 12 psi actuator and tune it runs 16 pis is this the cause of dead turbo. also the car is still under warranty do you think that they will still cover my turbo with work done. cheers michael
  13. Thanks a lot for the imput guys ill do that buy it all in stages then fit all at once
  14. Hey can some one help me out was wondering if I do a battery relocation+ air box and intercooler piping will I need to tune at the same time I'm trying to do everything in stages then tune at the end. Cheers
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