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  1. cheers for all the info guys mate that's an awesome car.
  2. I was referring to the surround rather than the actual screen but thanks for the info re the 10" display thanks mate that's what I wanted to know. also can you pick and choose what options you want from the luxury pack or do all lux packs have all the same options? thanks should be the last of my questions
  3. Hi am in the market for a fg t in the next couple weeks/months (till I find the perfect one). just wanted to be clear on the tech and lux packs available. From what I gathered the tech pack includes bluetooth and ipod integrations and the luxury pack includes leather seats, dual zone climate control, premium sound and sports steering wheel. is there anything else im missing. also after seeing a few t's I noticed most of them have a silver background just below the ICC screen (aircon/heater button areas) whereas a few of them have a black background. do you guys know the differences? attached i
  4. Hi guys. Just a random question as im curious to what these are. Ive seen a few bf xr's with a different front bumper and side skirts to the standard ones. Just wondering is it an option or something from factory. Ive attached a photo so you know what im talking about. hopefully it works cheers
  5. I just ordered and paid for me second keyring. But this time it didnt ask for my address.. is that because its stored from my previous order? im confused?
  6. im keen on those key rings. how do we go ahead with it? more details please cheers
  7. how much is the avverage of a manual bf mk11 T down the quarter and rwkw?
  8. yeahh, I heard it was post 06/06 with the f6 gear on them. In regards to mods; well id like to reach the 270-300rwkw and leave it like that for a while.. and then maybe in the long run wen I get bored might go for the big numbers. the price doesnt sound to bad, as my price range was about 20,000 but it wont hurt to push a little higher. thanks for the replys guys.
  9. yeah...I just have to be patient. hopefully one comes up that is decent priced. I was looking at typhoons and r specs but they are way out of my pricing range, although they would be awesome to drive.
  10. yeahh I agree. on carsales there is only 1 bk mkII in manual in victoria. there arnt too many in the manuals. ill just have to wait till I find a nice one
  11. Hey guys. I just wanted to know the differences between the bf model typhoon and typhoon r spec? cheers
  12. sorry lol typo. I meant bf mkII. after a 06 , 07 model.
  13. Hi guys new to the forum. I own a vz Late model camira sv6, which was my first car. Tbh its a pretty good car, but after driving my mates xr6t I am in love. im currently in the market for a bk mk11 xr6t, preferably manual. I love the leather interior and premium sound and sunroof and such so that would be awesome if I can find one that hasnt beeen abused. how much do u guys think im looking at price wise. anyways I cant wait to own onee. ford ftw.
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