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  1. Happy Birthday ryawil0!

  2. hey guys - Just an update......I picked up a Black 2006 BF XR6. Its not a turbo though - gah!! It has the leather seats I was after, 6 stack CD player, 89,000 kms on the clock, 4 new tyres and 11 months rego - oh and a sunroof! The lady wanted $20,000 for it. Talked her down to $17k in the end. Its a pretty sweet car - it has the usual scratches etc on it but for the price it was pretty good I reckon! Cheers Ry
  3. Hey guys - I recently purchased a 2006 BF XR6 and need some advice It seems to be running fine but I noticed a few small drips of a very white milky fluid (like a vanilla milkshake) on the ground under the engine bay this morning when I pulled out of the garage. I looked on the net and most people seem to being saying its a head gasket problem where fluid is getting into the oil. I have looked at the dip stick and the colour of the oil is not milky, neither is the coolant. There doesnt seem to be any milky fluid anywhere in the engine bay that I can see other than on the ground. I can see a leak anywhere. My exhaust also isnt blowing white smoke. The only thing I have noticed with the performance of the car is that when I'm breaking it shudders a little and when I start the car it has a bit of a shudder. Otherwise its driving well. Any thoughts? Thanks and regards, Ryan
  4. Hey fellas - Thanks for the quick responses. Some good advice so far and definitely some things to think about. For those who asked: - I'll be looking at an auto. - As for the "hard driving", I just meant general "go to woah" AND cornering. So the BF MK II has a better transmission and gearbox etc than the BA's? Is it a huge difference or negligible? Thanks again guys! Kind regards, Ryan
  5. Hi all - I'm Ryan. Im 32yo from Canberra. I stumbled onto this site while researching an imminent purchase of a used XR6 (Turbo or other). I'm new to the whole XR6 scene as I have always owned 4 cylinder Jap cars!! *gasp* Yes I know what people are thinking, but the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right? The second step is to learn from your mistakes and move forward and take a path that hopefully leads to some sweet homegrown engineering! So that's why I'm here......... I think I need some help! Although I have some experience driving Fords (my dad worked for a Ford dealership through my childhood and teenage years and always had company cars) I am pretty clueless to the world of the XR6 Turbo and standard XR6's. I guess what I'm asking is what the hell do I go for? I have been looking around for the last month or so at dealerships and on the net and am really no closer to making a decision. Im pretty cautious by nature. I fell in love with a White 2004 BA at a dealership recently but it was sold within a few days of being on the lot. I hadnt considered a Turbo until I started really having a good look around on the net and after speaking to my insurer I found that I would be able to afford it without too much problem. I also had the opportunity to drive one about a week ago, which was a sweet experience. I've figured out I'm looking for a BA or BF in the 2003-2005 range as my budget is about $16k-17k. I know I want the leather interior and would like a black, white or envy green. I also know that I want a stock car with no major modifications (I'm well and truly over getting stung by the Insurance companies for too many mods). Other than the above, I havent figured much else out. I have a tonne of questions though: - Should I be buying a turbo at all or should I just go the standard XR6? What are the pro's and con's besides the major increase in performance from the turbo? - If I buy a standard XR6 that has a fair amount of KM's on it (to suit my budget) will it be better than buying a turbo that has similar KM's on the clock in terms of reliability? - I will have this car along time as we have a baby due soon - so are XR6 turbo's well built enough to go past 200,000km and beyond and still be reliable? - Can the turbo's take alot of medium to hard driving? How reliable are they and are there known common problems? - How can you even tell if the car has been thrashed to begin with? - How do I avoid the worthless cars and pick myself up something that I'm going to enjoy for years to come? I have read here on the forums that there are ex chasers and people faking log books and servicing details among other pitfalls. I am extremely excited at the prospect of owning one of these cars, but I really want to avoid jumping in too fast without first hearing from people who have been there already. Any advice or thoughts on your experiences will be most welcome and very much appreciated! Thanks and kind regards, Ryan
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