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  1. Happy Birthday Fate!

  2. Happy Birthday Fate!

  3. Happy Birthday Fate!

  4. Happy Birthday Fate!

  5. Happy Birthday Fate!

  6. Would it help if I gave a little more notice? I might go and have a look and feel and drive tomorrow night and if it is still appealing ask for someone to come down and have a good thorough look over it with me. Cheers Fate
  7. Ha haha... Yeah I noticed you guys had a cruise a couple of days back... unfortunately the car wasn't for sale a couple of days ago. It's only come up for sale today. Otherwise I'd have paid to see the look on the guys face when they all rock up to inspect. We did that with a bunch of 300zx's once... poor guy shat himself when we arrived. Fate
  8. Thanks Russ, Just thought it might be better off checked out by another member. The chances of an RACQ inspector knowing all the little quirky nick nack faults aren't too good I don't think. Although it is better than nothing that's for sure. If I can't find a mechanically knowledgeable member to come down, I'll give the RACQ guys a call and see what I can work out. Cheers
  9. Hey guys, Just sold my 300zx and am in the market for a new car. I have found an 03 Model BA XR6 Turbo for a good price and I was wondering if someone technical could come along and check it out with me, show me what I'm looking for and if it has any problems and or Faults that I should avoid at all costs. The car is located in Mermaid Beach and I've arranged to come round on Tuesday afternoon after 5pm. Are there any technically minded people that could come along and help a newbie score a good deal? Cheers in advance Sean aka Fate - 0402 338 368.
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