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  1. All sorted. It was the power steering pump. No idea what exactly went wrong with it, they just said it was faulty and replaced it. Nicely spotted Puffwagon, thanks.
  2. Yeah I figure that's probably for the best. Thanks for your help. Ill post an update when I fined out what's going on
  3. Not that I know of, it's only done 31,000km (I got it at 27,000). It's an ex demo car apparently, so I wouldn't think they'd have flushed it. Its making the same sound as in the video below, just slightly quieter... but I wouldn't have expected this from such a new car. Seems odd you know?
  4. Yep, ps fluid is sitting just below max. Got any other ideas?
  5. Yes! I am now 99% sure it's the power steering. Would not have expected this. Any recommendations on what to do next? Anyone else come across this?
  6. I'll give that a shot tomorrow, thanks. Do you know if the bolts around the manifold need to be a specific tension? I was gonna try that, but I don't have any specialised tools. I'v herd that can make a whirring noise as well, but mine seems to be directly related to the revs. What you you think? I'll try get some better audio tomorrow
  7. Just thought I would give some more detail and add a video for clarity (see linked below). It only really makes the noise when the car is in gear and some amount of throttle is being applied. The noise is more noticeable on top of the dash on the drivers side. Its the most annoying sound... its driving me crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster here. Got my first ford about 5-6 months ago and I'v had a bunch of issues (2015 fgx xr6t). The ford service centre has been very good, replaced diff, drive shaft, seat belts, gear knob under warranty. It started making a whirring/blowing/fan/turbo spooling noise that sounds like its coming through the dash on the driver side. Didn't use to make the noise, so naturally I took it back into Ford who told me its normal...just a little louder than usual. They said they looked but couldn't find anything. Its a really annoying noise that starts at about 2000rpm. It only makes the noise while the car is in motion. Anyone else had this before? Know how to fix it? Ah, and its a manual.

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