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  1. Happy Birthday GT081!

  2. Happy Birthday GT081!

  3. Need Help With What To Do

    Is it hard to fit the Actuator and where do I buy one Thanks
  4. Need Help With What To Do

    I plan on keeping it for a bit
  5. Need Help With What To Do

    Hi guy's I need to know a few things hoping you can help I have a ba turbo 4 speed with the herrod chip running 8psi but am looking to do more work to my car BUT am trying not to get any turbo lag what ideas do you guys have that I can use. I have been told that a larger incooler will give me power and will raise the point where the turbo kicks so I will get turbo lag is this true?
  6. Territory Rear Brakes onto a BA

    Hi Guys, New member wanting to know if I can change my ba xr6t brakes to the territory or the BF xr6t/xr8 will I need the calipers as well Thanks everybody

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