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  1. FGX G6E Turbo

    been looking at getting one but keeping it white just to be different. saving up for the next stage of upgrades and aiming for 400+ on 98
  2. FGX G6E Turbo

    Its quick enough for me at the moment. 310rwkw and 821nm
  3. FGX G6E Turbo

    thought I would share a video of my ride since it's getting close to being complete
  4. Brake assist error

    Last couple of days ibe been getting a brake assist error poping up on my dash. Its only when using the sensors. Any ideas on what the issue could be?
  5. The new look

    Ive seen a few gloss roofs but not many g6e with the dual exhaust like mine and if I do a white spoiler then it will still be different. Just a thought
  6. The new look

    the sprint spoiler on a g6e on most forums seems to be a bit of a touchie subject. the only issue is that it needs to be bolted in and I dont want to be drilling holes. I was thinking spoiler white carbon, rear diffuser carbon and roof gloss black just to be different
  7. I Have The Best Looking G6E Turbo

    So is my g6e in contention?
  8. The new look

    I really would like to get a sprint spoiler but thinking maybe wrapped in white carbon just to be a little different
  9. The new look

    Xyz coils rear and SL kings front
  10. I Have The Best Looking G6E Turbo

    Thought I would add mine in the mix
  11. The new look

    Thought I would share some photos of the new look. Just added new wheels, brakes and suspension
  12. I know people have there opinions on the exhaust with quad tips on a turbo but just wanting to know what size exhaust I should be looking at for a fgx g6e. Cheers
  13. FG-X aircon fan issue

    I saw them and they told me it was my battery (which they replaced a week ago) once I told them that they said to disconnect the terminals and touch the positive and negative cables together. (Not doing that) and said if it keeps happening they can take a look
  14. FG-X aircon fan issue

    Hi all, lately (x3 this week) I have either turned my car off and the aircon fan would start and wouldn't turn off unless I unlocked my car then locked it again. Another time I started the car and the fan would turn on full but the ICC showed it was turned off so I had to turn it on then off again to shut it off. Any ideas on this issue?
  15. The Off Topic Thread.

    Anyone here good with photoshop? Just after a couple of small logos designed for my G6E. Cheers

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