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  1. Happy Birthday MKSXR6T!

  2. Location Brisbane Northside
  3. I am looking for a great place to take my XR6T for servicing?
  4. Ok guys and girls, I am after recomendations as to where to take my BF XR6T to be serviced. I live on brisbane northside.
  5. Is the BA BF TYPHOON dump pipe the same size as BA BF XR6T ???
  6. thanks for the help, territory rims on the list this week!
  7. heh guys need a little help, I got all excited and went down to wreckers and got two 16" stock rims and tyres off a BA to skid up, Only to fit them up at home and find out that the disk rotors are bigger on BF than on BA and the rims foul on the brake calliper. Should have done some home work fist, but heh thought they would fit no problems. QUESTION? Without buying mags what can I use for skid rims on BF xr6turbo. thinking maybe territory 17" but wont to confirm this first before rushing out to buy some.
  8. Heh guys, I need some advise on injectors I recentally purchased a 05 BF XR6T and want to give it a flash tune and a set of injectors to start my list of mods, I am wanting any advice on what brand and size to use. And what to stay clear of Thanks