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Possible low budget brake upgrade - Territory Turbo front calipers + 325mmx32mm FPV upgrade disc


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Elsewhere I have posted about looking at installing the 340mmx32mm Turbo Territory brakes on an FG falcon.

They do not just bolt on as the 340mm diameter of the disc is too large, and pushes the caliper out to far for the bolts to go through the caliper and into the cailper mounting holes.


While looking into all the brake options in the DBA disc catalogue, I saw there is a 325mm*32mm disk with the disc height .almost exactly the same (0.1 of a mm different) as the 340mmx32mm Turbo Territory disc.


From my comparison of where the caliper sits on the 340mm disc, it looks llike the caliper might bolt into place in correctly if the 325mmx32mm FPV upgrade disc was used.


This would need verification, but it may be possible to buy some Turbo Territory calipers (these are pretty cheap when you can find them), new 325mmx32mm discs (also pretty cheap) and have a simple, cheap, bolt on brake upgrade to the FPV upgrade brakes.


If anyone in Sydney would like access to a Turbo Territory caliper to test fit, or if anyone can provide access to a 325mmx32mm disc I can test and post results here.

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