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Strange rattling noise bf xr6


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So I have a 2007 n/a bf xr6 with a terrible rattling noise. It happens at around 1500 rpm. Engine light is on and I think when I last scanned it there was timing related codes. (Cleared codes and it didnt come back right away). Once it’s idling around 1000rpm (minimal noise) I can unplug intake side vct solenoid and the noise happens right away. (Have tried swapping the two solenoids over but no change)  Still drives alright apart from taking off from a stop. Im just wondering if anyone has come across this before as I’m struggling to find anything about it/the same symptoms online. If you have come across this before and have fixed it I’d be keen to hear from you. Hopefully this link to a video on  google drive works



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Yikes, that's making a lot of noise... Does sound loud like an exhaust manifold gasket would sound like, but even louder... Try taking the rocker cover off and turning the crank by hand and see if it makes the noise somewhere you can see.


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That reminds me of this one I dealt with a few years ago... Valves were broken and embedded in pistons in two cylinders. Hopefully it's nothing that serious


This one was fixed with a $100 Barra and $50 btr and is still daily driven. Miss those pre covid prices!

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Guys it was the timing chain. It had jumped some teeth on bottom cog. Both cams had constantly 20 degrees of error. (I had someone plug into it with pcm tech). Also one of the chain guides had about 10mm broken off the top. I since re aligned the timing chain and it ran perfectly fine afterwards. I have sold the car (rust was starting to appear), didn’t want to spend any more time of money on it. 

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