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FG mk1 XR6T issues


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Hey guys how's it going?  I have recently purchased a 2011 XR6t with all the usual mods (Pump gears, valve springs, GTX 3582, etc.) Car is running 611whp. However, I am having some issues with it while accelerating. It seems as soon as I accelerate hard the car revs to 4500rpm then seems to cut power then come back on once it drops below 4000rpm. The car doesn't have any issues when you roll on the throttle and let boost build gradually before flat footing or if you leave traction control on (car is squirrelly though so it does shut you down quite often). My first thought was coil packs but I have changed them all and the spark plugs and haven't seen any improvements. I am currently thinking that it is a fueling issue as the car only has a in tank aftermarket pump (unsure of make model) and is possibly struggling to deliver fuel while the car is building boost. Has anyone had anything similar happen with their car or have any other ideas I should try first?



Caleb Webb

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Hey Caleb,

Your car might be having trouble getting enough fuel when you accelerate hard. See in my opinion, Since you have already checked the coil packs and spark plugs, it could be worth looking into upgrading your fuel system, especially the pump. Have you checked the fuel pressure when you are accelerating? That could give you more clues. and Check out this forum thread where others discuss similar issues and solutions: https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/76592-known-issues-fg-xr6t-mlops-tutorial


hope the above will sort it out☺️

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