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Wanted - Worn out 355mm Brembo disc Sydney


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Quick update.


The territory turbo discs and calipers have arrived.


The stock FG caliper and bracket does not fit over the 32mm wide Territory turbo disc.  Its close, but hits before the caliper is fully over the disc.  It might be possible to do some clearancing, but I would not be comfortable with that.


The FG caliper bracket can not fit on the Turbo Territory Caliper - the slide pins are in different positions.  That rules out using the FG NA or Turbo caliper brackets to have some different mounting options..


I have done a quick test fit of a 340mm disc, Territory Turbo caliper and new bearing/hub inside an 18" G6E wheel and everything fits with plenty of clearance.

A 355mm disc is only 7.5mm extra radius and it appears that this would also fit.


It turns out that a mate has an old 355mm disc which I can use to test fit.


I am planning on trying to fit the 340mm discs as I already own them, and may buy 355mm discs and make a new adapter to mount the calipers later on.


I think I have worked out the steps I will take to make up an adapter bracket to allow the 340mm disc and Territory Turbo caliper to be mounted on the FG and I am hoping to start on this over the Easter long weekend.

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In the last month, things have taken a bit of a turn.

I have been able to get hold of some 6 piston front and 4 piston rear Brembos at a price too good to pass up, so I am going down that path.

I have purchased the calipers, new discs and 18" wheels that fit over the brembos, so just need to sort out suitable brake lines for the calipers I have.

I still like the idea of the 340mm Territory Turbo discs and caliper fitting under the stock wheels, so I will probably still continue with this project, but later on.

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Just an update on my Brembos for those that are interested.

I got the 6 piston Brembos and new Bendix ultimate brake discs installed on the front.

The brakes were initially making a constant ticking noise which was quite annoy me, but it has gone now.

I think it was the crosshatch machined finish on the disc surface trying to spin the pads one way, then the other, as now that the cross hatching is worn away, the noise is gone.

The brakes are really good! 

I am expecting them to cope much better whenever I can make it to a track day again.

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