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Ba xr6 turbo super rough idle. Throttle unresponsive


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Hey guys. I have decided to go all out with this xr6 turbo Ute but need to sort out some issues. First off this is the first time I have touched it since about a week after my last post on here. I got to work one morning, drove there fine as normal but when I got to it in the arvo it would not run/idle properly. Like it was running on 3 or 4 cylinders, and when it's doing this the throttle is completely unresponsive as if it's not even connected. So I got the error codes and they are the same as when it over boosts. Codes p1270 and p2110. But if I start it with my foot on the accelerator it will start and rev up to about 3k then drop to 2k and stay there. Idling at 2k but without any codes at all. Anyone got any ideas?

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