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ZF 6 Speed Trans Oil service - FG XR6 TURBO MK1


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Appreciate all the advice with the help and service guys, thanks so much!!

So I have another question to ask as I will do this job as a one person job. 

So after draining the pan, cleaning it up and putting on a new gasket,  I will remove the filling plug and pump in fluid all the way until it starts dripping out. I leave the filling plug off and then I start the car. 

After I start the car I shift the transmission into drive first, then neutral and then reverse. I turn the car off, go underneath the car to inspect. I look and check to see if fluid is running out. If no fluid is running out of the fill plug then I continue to pump in more fluid until fluid does come out?

I'll call my ford dealer and ask for the unit and its price for the trans cooler. The original one has held up well as it is now 220,000kms so don't mind going stock again (unless it costs a fortune).

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When you start the car after the initial fill it will take another 4 to 6 litres. You have to leave the car running while filling and while the bung is out. If you fill it and switch the car off with the bung out it will piss a whole sh*tload of oil out.


So after the pan is back on you can fill it with the car off, then you start it and fill it a whole lot more.

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