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BA XR6+Turbo Ticking noise


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I have recently noticed a rhythmic ticking noise coming from the front of My Ba Xr6, it almost sounds as if there is a pebble stuck in the tyre. It is most noticeable while driving at around 80km/h, especially with concrete walls or metal barricades on either side of the car, the last two days it has progressively got louder especially when starting to move and giving it some beans, the noise seems to increase in severity/pace with tyre speed but only in boost. 
the only thing I could think of was that the new tyres I had put on when balanced had tap on weights on the inside that might be touching the control arms, took them off for now, still the same noise. Very noticeable inside and outside the cabin. There is no “ticking” noise from the engine when stationary, at idle or at any rpm’s with no load. I can also still hear it when I am travelling, put the car in neutral and let the revs drop to idle revs. 
any ideas?


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Thanks for the reply!

Is this a common thing to just “occur” at any given point in time? 

it’s a horrendous noise when accelerating in boost but definitely doesn’t sound anything like knock, valve float or even lifter tick. It sounds exactly like a more pronounced, louder injector “tick” that the Barras normally make. 
could it potentially be just a minor exhaust leak further down as I stupidly didn’t change the gaskets when doing a mid muffler delete months ago as the old ones were glued with so much RTV that I needed to sand them off.?

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A slower ticking noise is the head flange and it sounds to me like that's what you're describing.


A leak after the manifold will have all 6 exhaust pulses in it, so will sound a lot different to a leaking exhaust manifold gasket.


You can examine everything and see where the black smoke trace is to find the leak, you could also try just tightening the exhaust manifold bolts.

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